About Us

By God’s grace, more than anything else, the born-again followers of Jesus at Nall Memorial desire to be like Jesus.   This brings the most glory to our one true God and Father.  We long to think like Jesus, to speak like Jesus, to love like Jesus, to disciple like Jesus, to serve like Jesus, to respond like Jesus, to believe like Jesus, to pray like Jesus, to share like Jesus

We recognize a very clear and often vast difference between the typical cultural expression of Christian religion and genuinely following Jesus.  We are committed to working for His Kingdom rather than building our own.  We desire to train disciples who live ministering lives rather than recruit servants of a religious bureaucracy.  We value actively worshipping our incomparable Lord much more than just showing up/singing/and sitting.  We grow closer together as we reach out to the ‘least of these’ with the genuine desire that they will not only be fed and clothed, but also that they will become one with us.

We believe in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Christ died for All…period.  We have been changed by the Gospel and are certain of its power to save anyone and make them Christ-like.  We long to be strategically used by our Lord to reach the unreached nations of the world.  We are growing in our awareness of our own weakness and of His limitless might and power.  This growing awareness drives us to our knees to seek Him.  We seek Him privately.  We seek Him corporately.  We seek Him as we pray together in our homes.  We seek Him as we pray together in coffee shops.  We seek His Kingdom and the eternal before we ask for ourselves the temporal.

We are committed to leading our children to be followers of Jesus.  We believe that the hypocrisy of one generation leads to the apostasy of the next.  We believe that God is to be worshipped, not children.  We believe in families worshipping together, serving together, growing together, praying together, learning together and laughing together.

Who are we?

  • We are small, and as the Body of Christ, we intend to never become obese, rather we dream of multiplying.
  • We are inter-generational and inter-cultural, and at times have often been multi-racial and multi-ethnic.
  • We are Bible-centered.  We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture.  We believe that the Word of God is to be lived out, not just listened to.
  • We are contemporary and traditional.
  • We are empowering and equipping.
  • We are casual, yet we are burdened.
  • We are not as we were and we are not what we will beyet.