Our Values

We value Great Commission evangelism that seeks to not just make decisions and definitely not to make dependents, but rather is driven by the goal of making disciples who will in turn become disciple makers (Matthew 28:16-20).  We dream of developing kingdom leaders who will, in the future, branch out and plant Great Commission churches which will do the same (Acts 11:19-30, 13:1-4).  We know that the intensive work of training disciple makers and the multiplication of disciples is at the heart of long-term Great Commission success to the absolute glory of our God.  We both affirm and facilitate local and regional missional outreach opportunities.  Our current annual financial mission support occupies between 20-25% of our operational budget. We partner with local and international missions organizations, Biblical evangelists, as well as sister churches in a number of other nations.

We value worship that seeks to wholeheartedly exalt our God and Savior Jesus Christ! Biblical worship is not a spectator activity, it is rather all-inclusive among born again followers of Jesus. When we worship, we recognize that we all sing and praise an audience of One. We seek to develop disciples who have the maturity to appreciate one another’s different preferences in worship styles and Christian music. When we worship, we recognize that some are contemplative while others are more celebrative. Biblical praise and worship involves the incorporation of many types of instruments (Psalm 150), a variety of musical genres (Ephesians 5:19), the clapping of hands and shouts of joy (Psalm 47:1), lifting up of hands (Psalm 134:2) as well as dancing unto the Lord (Psalm 150:4, II Samuel 6:14).

We value fellowship that is rooted in the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:36-40) and quite honestly, a healthy fear of the God to Whose church we belong (I Corinthians 11). The beauty of New Testament fellowship is that it provides an environment which encourages Christ-likeness among all believers. Good, Biblical fellowship is likened to a greenhouse for Christian growth. Biblical fellowship is enjoyed by all born again followers of Jesus who walk in close relationship with Him (I John 1). Biblical fellowship frowns upon cliques and prejudices (I Corinthians 1:10-17, Acts 10).

We value ministry which is rooted in both the example and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.  We believe that the Spirit leads us to minister as Jesus ministered.  This ministry is both comprehensive and freely given (Matthew 10).  Biblical ministry cherishes the exercise of the diverse spiritual gifts, ministries, and energies given to the members of the body of Christ by our Lord when He baptized us with His Spirit at the time of our salvation (Matthew 3:11, I Corinthians 12).  We strongly affirm the individual ministry of each believer in their day-to-day lives.  We encourage families to minister together as our Lord leads and provides the opportunities. We facilitate inter-generational ministry of the body of Christ to the least of these within our community.  We incorporate ministry teams which are comprised of members that are unified in their calling and diverse in their contribution.

We value a Biblical approach to discipleship which is comprehensive, fluid, ongoing and diverse.  We recognize that it is primarily the Christian parent’s responsibility to make disciples of their children (Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6:1-4).  We both understand and affirm the need for Godly husbands and fathers who minister as the spiritual leaders within their homes.  We endeavor to both challenge and equip men to be such leaders.  Our children’s and youth discipleship ministries recognize that programs serve only a supplementary role in the spiritual nurturing of young people.  We wholeheartedly affirm the centrality of the inerrant Word of God in the growth of Christ-followers.  In corporate discipleship, we major upon the expository teaching and preaching of the all sufficient Holy Scriptures (II Timothy 3:14-17, Psalm 119).  We also recognize, affirm and incorporate the Biblical practices of both one-on-one, as well as small group discipleship (II Timothy 2:1-2, Luke 6:13-16).